To train and educate children in a Godly and wholesome way with good values and Life skills preparing them for life
CBA emphasises Academic excellence, integrity and passion
Our Values

We are proud to be a centre of excellence for children of this country. As a Christian based school we instruct the children to Love God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength. We encourage all children to believe in themselves thus building their confidence and teach to think critically listen carefully and understand reason persuasively and be precisely articulate.
At Childtime Brookside Academy, we are caregivers and we believe care and learning should go hand in hand and the two should always be balanced.
Early childhood Development is critical, it prepares your child for school. Our sole and most important goal is to educate and equip your child for LIFE in the following FIVE ways:

With the appropriate curriculum.
Providing guidance through good behaviour and discipline as well as character education.
Emotionally :
Grooming children to be confident, caring and empathetic.
Imparting the love of God through Christian teaching
Encouraging good health and fitness through physical education.

We are fully licensed and Registered under The Ministry Of Education and Sports. We hold very high standards of care and Education.