As a Christian school we believe in gratitude as an attitude. In that case therefore, we support a rural school called Hope Hill Nursery and Primary school in Kalungu District. The children in that school have basic needs and as such , you may be encouraged to give to them.

“A gift that keeps giving”

Once upon a time, far far away was a hill called Hope Hill. On the Hope Hill. A school called Hope Hill stood. One day the school Hope Hill received visitors. These visitors came from far far away beyond many hills ,rivers and lakes.

These visitors brought many gifts. Some of the gifts were water melons. The visitors shared the gifts of water melons. Everyone enjoyed the visit both the children of Hope Hill School and the visitors to Hope Hill. When the visitors left to go back where they came from, the children at Hope Hill were sad to see them go. The children at Hope Hill School collected all the seeds from the gifts of water melons. Dug a patch on Hope Hill and planted the seeds in the hopes that the seeds grow and become water melons. The seeds did grow to become water melons and the childrenĀ  will continue to enjoy the gift and not forget their visitors who came from far far away in America.

Many days, months and years later the melons keep growing on Hope Hill and the children at Hope Hill School have never forgotten their visitors and the gift that they gave.

It is a gift that keeps giving !

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